Dr. Esperance Luvindao

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Born in Windhoek, Namibia, Dr. Esperance Luvindao is a shining example of an entrepreneurial spirit that just won’t quit. Her mother was a French teacher and her father an architect, and she’s proud to continue the Luvindao legacy after their passing. 

The Seeds of Success

Esperance started her schooling at Martti Ahtissari Primary School until Grade 3 after which she attended St Paul’s College where she really came into her own. 

It was here that she first discovered a passion for writing and speaking and is eternally grateful to her Alma Mater for nurturing and encouraging her early talents in these areas. 

They encouraged her to put in the extra work with regard to mastering English, and soon she was writing fictional stories of her own and dabbling in a few verses. This she believes was her single greatest achievement of her school career, as it ultimately became a second stream of income for her. 

Continuing Excellence

Despite her love for the written word, Esperance followed her second passion, healthcare to the University of Namibia School of medicine where she achieved her MBCHB. 

During her time at varsity, qualifying as a medical doctor wasn’t enough for this young, driven woman. While completing her degree, she worked as a waitress at Arebbusch Travel Lodge, achieved the title of Miss Grand Namibia in 2016 and started her own company on the side too. 

She travelled the country performing at speaking engagements during campaigns like World AIDS Day and other such events which all worked as the perfect practice ground for her current career.

Making Use of All her Talents

Her poetry is one of those things that began as a hobby but soon developed into a full Blown side gig. 

She is welcomed all over the world as a vessel of truth, speaking to the hearts of men and women all across Africa. She’s performed in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the USA. Later this year, Esperance is jetting off to Rwanda, Kenya and Paris. It’s all very exciting for this young, vibrant superstar. 

Her passion for poetry started as an attempt to prove that this art form is so much more than the orphaned child of the arts. 

At first, people weren’t willing to support her efforts financially, but they soon changed their tune when they got to hear her work. Her early labors earned her just 500 Namibian dollars per written or spoken piece, and now her poetry brings her more income than her medical practice does.

She’s passionate about spreading the word about how poetry can inspire people to reach for more and is currently training 101 poets from Namibia, South Africa and Zambia in the art of poetry. Esperance is passionate about her art and aims to teach her students that they, too, can make a living out of their talents. 

Currently, Dr. Luvindao works as a medical doctor, public speaking coach, poet and health advocate. She never consciously plotted this design for her life; she simply followed her desire for change and feels strongly that no individual should be compelled to settle for a single career or occupation. 

She lives her purpose daily and encourages others to follow their hearts along the initial paths toward their destiny. Ultimately, the purpose of everything you do is revealed. Her diverse interests bring her the utmost joy as well as a decent living.

It wasn’t easy getting her public speaking and coaching company, Speaker’s Globe, off the ground but she’s stuck it out and is now earning a tidy profit doing what she loves and making a difference in the world as she goes along.

Esperance believes it’s important to use your talents to improve others; for example, her success as a speaker prompted her to help others to achieve their public speaking goals – why not? She’s quick to point out that it was this aspect of focusing on others that finally helped get her fledgling company off the ground.

Along the way, she’s studied public speaking at the University of Rochester New York while simultaneously working on her Master’s in Business Administration with Mancosa South Africa. 

Esperance attributes her many successes to knowing what she wants, perseverance and a strong support system which she considers the three pillars of success. 

No matter how entrepreneurial you are, you can’t build a successful business unless you know what you want – only you can decide the route your life should take, don’t expect or allow someone else to make that decision for you. 

When you’ve made up your mind, throw all your energy into it and make sure you do it better than anybody else! That’s how she got where she is today, with a little help from God, of course. 

What’s in the Future for Esperance?

In future, Esperance hopes to establish her company Speaker’s Globe as the largest of its kind in Africa and to establish herself as the most sought-after motivational and public speaking coach on the continent. 

She also wants to embark on a specialization in Dermatology with a focus on oncology, so that’s she’s in an even better position to fight for African health and get it to where it’s meant to be – a priority in every African country.

Lastly, but far from least, she intends to tell Africa’s truth and ensure further development of the continent via the awareness that her poetry brings. 

A Few Motivational Words for You from Esperance Luvindao

Take some time to think about these words of wisdom and you too could soon be on the way to meeting all your personal and entrepreneurial goals. 

Fight to make your dreams a reality

When you are tired, that doesn’t mean you ought to stop fighting. That just means you need to rest. We all get tired. Getting tired is normal. 

Stopping is what you should train your mind out of 

Every single day is an opportunity to get closer to achieving that one part of your dreams or goals, don’t stop when you are tired. Rest, and try again tomorrow. That’s all that is asked of you. 

Trust me, you’ll be glad you didn’t give up 

Had I stopped practicing my speaking when I was told I’d never be as good as my wealthier classmates when it comes to the English language, I’d never have established Speaker’s Globe! 

Don’t be mistaken, I’ve been tired many times, but the only difference is, I’ve never given up. 

“Failure does not mean you are a failure. You need to learn to fail because If you don’t, when you do, it will destroy you.” EL


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