Helping entrepreneurs in Africa to launch and grow their businesses!

Helping entrepreneurs in Africa to launch and grow their businesses!


The objectives of the African Institute for Entrepreneurship are as follows:

  1. Assist with the eradication of unemployment in Africa.
  2. Promote and grow entrepreneurship in Africa.
  3. Give exposure to entrepreneurs and their businesses in Africa.
  4. Launch new businesses and grow existing ones.
  5. Through training, help individuals develop the necessary skill set required to become successful entrepreneurs.
  6. Provide and secure funding for entrepreneurs and their ventures in Africa.
  7. Promote Africa as a destination for investment.

About Us

We are a group of individuals and entities that believe in Africa and its inherent potential. We also believe in entrepreneurship and its ability to make a positive difference in peoples lives. We therefore decided to the launch the African Institute for Entrepreneurship to help develop entrepreneurship in Africa. And in doing so, to assist as many motivated and creative people, to reach their full potential.



If you are an entrepreneur in Africa and you would like help to launch a new businesses in Africa or help to grow an existing business in Africa, please contact us by completing the contact us form below. Furthermore, if you are interested in receiving entrepreneurial training to develop your skill set, please contact us by completing the contact us form below.

Partner With Us

If you believe in Africa and entrepreneurship as much as we do, then we welcome you to partner with us. So that together, we can help African business, and the people of our great continent, to reach their full potential. 

What We Offer

Marketing Support

We are able to assist entrepreneurs to formulate and implement a marketing strategy for their businesses. Click on the button below to find out more about how we can assist you to formulate and implement a marketing strategy for your business.

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